I won't

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I won’t

Caught up inside this cage
You try to pull me down
As you did before
It’s like you build up my walls
But they help me not hearing you scream

You turn off the lights
You start to lead the war
Coz you are not able to accept me
You take your strength
And use it againgst me
Did you think I’d not defend myself

You can hunt me through life
You can say what you want
But I won’t break down, no
You can put up your fight
You can try to throw me out of life
But I won’t break down no no
You can’t break me

Locked inside my own home
You try to make me feel weak
As you always did
You count with I would give up
Feel small and suppressed

You take away air
You begin to play the dictator
Coz you’re just unable to admit me
You think you’re stronger
When I feel down
Did you think that I won’t put up my fight?


Run, run, run, run
Coz maybe I will take my right to fight back
Calm, calm, calm
I don’t wish you the things that you‘ve done to me
No, no, no

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