Keep on going on

Beitragvon Lyra » So 01 Mär, 2009 17:49

Keep on going on

My Plans have been crossed so many times
But that won’t happen anymore
I feel like nothing and nobody can prevent me
On my path
I was trying so hard to find myself
Wanted to prove and failed so often
Until I finally realized that life goes his own way
And these lessons have teached me

That it’s not important trying to be good enough
For everyone
Oh, and it’s not important what others may
Think about me
And I have changed my outlooks
Won’t let hurt my pride once again

Yes, I will keep on going on my way
Put on my fights and decide on my own how I live
I will care for my inner peace
People who try tell me what is the best for me
I will show
That I will keep on going on

They always said that I should be careful
But I want to agree to risk something
I felt missunderstood so many times
They don’t know
But they can say what they wanna say
I won’t try to be perfect
When I wake up in the morning with a smile
And start the day optimistic

I see they mean it good to me
But now
It’s not important for me anymore
What they do
I have my own head and
I am the one who has to decide


Oh and I always wonder
I always wonder
How they try to break my will everyday
They don’t realize
That I am the one
Who has to live this life
I’m living
Now I don’t need their influence
Coz I will keep on going my path

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Re: Keep on going on

Beitragvon Dichotomy » Mo 02 Mär, 2009 21:57

Ich würde den Text zumindest nochmal mit jemandem durchgehen, der die englische Sprache beherrscht um dann zumindest mal die zum Teil doch sehr "deutschen" Parts in deinem Songtext umzuschreiben.
Auch Fehler wie "teached" ( eigentlich "taught") oder: "And start the day optimistic", was eigentlich heißen müsste "And start a day optimistically" (Adverb), sollten auf jeden Fall verbessert werden, bevor man damit auf die Bühne geht ;)

Allerdings solltest du vielleicht darüber nachdenken, doch erstmal deutsche Texte zu schreiben, da es wirklich nicht immer einfach ist, mit dem Alltagsenglisch eine bestimmte Message wirklich gut zu vermitteln.

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Re: Keep on going on

Beitragvon Dichotomy » Di 03 Mär, 2009 13:56

Natürlich ohne "h" ;) sorry
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