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Winters coming on again

Beitragvon hope » Do 06 Nov, 2008 19:07

Winters coming on again
And I feel the cold again
Like I felt it back then

But you were there
Back then

You hugged me to turn away the cold
Your kiss was warm
Just to harm me
Your love was warming me up back then

Now Im feeling just the cold
Inside of me
Inside of my heart
Its colder
Its tearing me apart
That youre not here
Like you were back then
That youll never come back I fear

This summer was hot
It was all the same
To me
Without you
It was so hard
without you
Every night I cried
Heartbreaking tears
The ocean is nothing compared to the amonts of tears that flooded off my eyes all the way down
And here I am
Praying to god
And all I have is hope
That youll forgive me
That youre coming back to me
Asking you to love me
As I loved you
As I love you more than I have ever loved you
Back then

It feels like a heavy rock on my shoulders
To carry with me
It’s the love I have to give

All I have to offer

All of me

It wasn’t always easy
Actually it has never been easy
But all that matters is the love I have for you
Our feelings
People telling me I ll get over it, over you
I ll find a better one
But I don’t mind what people say
Cause I don’t want a better one
Im sure
I want you
I want you to love me
As I love you
Be with me
Please come back to me
Love me
As I love you

People telling me time will heel it
The pain will be gone
It will get better
But I don’t believe it

Cause you love only: once
You have one chance
Just one soulmate
One person to spend your life with

You are this person to me
This isnt crap
This is the evidence of my love I wanna give to you
Of the love I feel for you
Cause im sure
Youre the one …for me
I don’t wanna have another man ..ever
All I want is you
For me
dum spiro, spero
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